Cadet Corps

In 2005, the Academy Battalion was decommissioned; the Albany Academy developed a leadership model to keep the military tradition alive within the school. This student-led organization became the Cadet Corps. This organization serves to provide numerous opportunities for students to practice leadership as they progress through the school and through the Cadet Corps ranks.

In the Cadet Corps, there are three different branches to select from once you join: the Drill Team, Drum Line and Color Guard. Each branch is a highly respected group that gives a student the chance to lead his peers as he progresses through the ranks.
Participation in the Cadet Corps is not mandatory; it can be voluntarily joined by students in Forms III-VI. Once the student joins the Cadet Corp, he is removed from his particular house division. The leadership is provided by students who have gone above and beyond their call of duty within the Corps.

The creation of the Cadet Corps as a club in the Middle School, allows those students to participate in the Memorial Day parade and possibly receive a Cadet Corps rank. Drum Line is now offered as a class within the Music Department for Upper School students.

The most visible activities of the Cadet Corps are represented through military-type ceremonies and participation in local parades. However, the more important elements of the program are found in the daily regimen of problem-solving, conflict-resolution, decision-making, and planning.

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