House System

The House System is a leadership structure that involves all students in Kindergarten through Form VI. Students are placed in one of four houses: Olcott, Gates, Henry or Beck. The progressive leadership structure provides for many opportunities to lead and follow through formal and informal group interactions.
Each year, two prefects are elected for each House out of a pool of junior candidates deemed eligible to serve by the Dean of Students. The prefects oversee and direct the affairs of their individual Houses, and supervise all-school projects. Out of the same pool of junior candidates, three directors are chosen by the Dean of Students and the Associate Head of School. These directors oversee a team of students who help with House Competitions and our weekly contributions (where House members work in small groups to help maintain the buildings and grounds here on campus). Each House is assigned a certain aspect of a school project, and students are judged based their involvement and performance within their House. The Houses are awarded points according to how well students executed these two goals; these points constitute the House Competition.

The House Competition occurs over the course of the school year. Students in all three divisions participate in a variety of events, both academic and athletic, to earn points for their particular House. At the end of the school year, the House that has received the most points wins the Meislahn Cup, named after former Headmaster Harry P. Meislahn.

Each House is responsible for a variety of on and off-campus community events. Along with weekly contributions, there is an annual community service event when each House works to raise money for a local charity. Also, House members are responsible for cleaning the Buttery. This is done on monthly rotations. Prefects and directors for each House oversee these duties.

On a bi-weekly basis, Houses convene to discuss community service projects and appropriate tasks for House members to carry out. These meetings are presided over by prefects and House faculty advisors.

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