Middle School

The Middle School Music program expands on the performance opportunities for student-musicians. 
Fifth & Sixth Grade students have the option of further developing their vocal techniques in chorus or joining the band program wherein they can begin or continue studies on wind, brass or percussion instruments. Seventh & Eighth Grade continues this with more advanced studies. 

Middle School students also participate in General Music classes. The frequency of this course varies depending on grade level. In each grade, these courses are highly participatory and include more advanced elements of music history, composition and instrumental performance.

In Chorus, students establish good vocal habits and techniques such as posture, breathing, vowel formation, diction, etc. They also develop their musicianship through sight-reading, learning to follow a score and singing pieces with more than one vocal line. 

Small group lessons are provided for each member once per rotation during the academic school day. These may be substituted with outside private instruction. Performances are culminating experiences without an equivalent substitute and are a required component of the course.

Students in grades five and six who wish to learn an instrument for the first time may do so through the Beginning Band Program, which includes group lessons and a year-ending performance.

Concert Band is open to all fifth and sixth grade musicians who have prior experience of at least one year performing on a percussion, woodwind, or brass instrument.

Symphonic Band is open to all seventh and eighth grade musicians who perform on a percussion, brass, or woodwind instrument.

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